Luminesce Alliance

Luminesce Alliance is a paediatric translational research hub that brings together NSW’s leading paediatric medical research institutes with the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, the University of Sydney and UNSW. Having provided proof of concept for its precision medicine platform, Luminesce Alliance engaged WriteMedia to describe its research impact to date and make the case for future funding. We worked closely with a range of leading researchers and patients across Luminesce Alliance to surface details of impact and identify key messages supporting future expansion. We produced an Impact Report and a range of targeted material for existing and prospective funders.

Tasmanian Department of Health

Healthy Tasmania is the Tasmanian Government’s plan for preventive health in Tasmania. The Plan brings together communities, services and all levels of government to work in partnership for improved health and wellbeing. WriteMedia worked with a range of stakeholders to describe the impact of the Plan on people and communities across the state, which we described in the Healthy Tasmania Five Year Report 2016-2021. The Department used our stories to communicate the benefits of Healthy Tasmania to the community through the Healthy Tasmania portal. We also worked with the Department to edit and refine the Healthy Tasmania Five-Year Strategic Plan 2022–2026.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia

PCFA is one of our oldest clients, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to support them in their mission to reduce the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families. Among the many projects we have completed are a range of patient guides aiming to empower men through comprehensive yet easy-to-understand information about their diagnosis and management. We have also contributed to the PCFA website and several annual reports describing the organisation’s impact for the many individuals and groups around Australia who raise funds for this important work.


Elsevier is a globally leading academic and medical publisher. We have worked with Elsevier for several years to support a range of their business activities, including localising and reviewing educational content for local Australia/NZ markets, creating consumer health content for a major government partner, and writing promotional publishing material.